What to Look For in a Poker Site


Dec 2013

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There are tons of old and new online poker sites that all offer different benefits, but in the end, we are looking for great quality combined with all those extra perks that make playing at that certain website or casino more entertaining. This is why we have compiled a list of different factors that should help you pick the best poker site depending on your own preferences. There are players that prefer better quality tournaments than the poker bonuses that are offered, while others want a cash back bonus as they play on the regular poker tables. However, finding a poker site that has a combination of the following attributes are sure to capture anyone’s attention.


Quality Software

There are two basic types of software out there that are used by poker sites:

  • Functional. Functional websites usually have lower end graphics and basic animations. This is done because they are either more focused on having the game run smoothly, no matter what kind of system the player is using. This will help out a lot if you have an old computer that doesn’t have much power.
  • Aesthetic. These websites have a good focus on how the entire layout looks like. The tables, player avatars, and animations are all done in a way that will help a player feel more immersed in the poker experience. These are more often software downloads, but more and more of them are becoming available on your web browser.

Poker Software

Of course there are sites that employ both, having either 50-50, or some other ratio that will tip on one side or the other.


Poker Games and Tournaments

Many of the online casinos that offer online poker tend to offer fewer poker variants than those sites that are specifically set up only for playing poker, like FullTiltPoker and PokerStars. There will also be a difference in the amount of tournaments they have; as they can be daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. There are different types of poker games:

  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Omaha
  • 5 Card Stud
  • H.O.R.S.E.
  • Badugi

There are also different types of tournaments to choose from:

  • Knockout
  • Cashout
  • Rush
  • Steps
  • Sit n Go’s
  • Regular


These are only a few of the different games and tournaments that can be offered at any certain poker site, so if you are only interested in one type of poker variant, you don’t need to be too picky, especially if it is a popular one like Texas Hold’Em.


Poker Content

Poker content includes anything and everything that is related to poker, but not the games or tournaments. These are the extra services that these poker sites offer, which include:

  • Poker tutorials/How To’s
  • Informative poker news
  • Poker help articles, that can include articles about strategies
  • Poker School; some websites will offer one on one assistance
  • Blogs/Discussion boards
  • Free to Play. This is quite important as it will allow you to practice without any pressure of losing. You can play some great free poker at FreePoker.com

All of these extras can possibly help you become a better poker player, as well as become better informed about anything happening in the poker world, like when the World Series of Poker is.


Bonuses and Promotions

This may not be the most important point you should consider when looking for a poker site, but it can’t hurt to take a look at what the different poker sites offer their members. These bonuses and promotions usually come in the form of:

  • Welcome bonus. A great bonus you get when you make your first deposit.
  • Cash back bonus. You get a % of your cash back based on what you bet each week/month.
  • VIP program. You could find a VIP program where you can get points for playing and betting that you can exchange for different rewards and prizes, even entries into different tournaments.


You need to look at the quality and reputation of the poker site, and compare the bonuses they offer, if any. This will give you a good indication of how they treat their members, future and current.


Customer Service

Having trouble with a payout or software issues? If the customer service is lacking at any of the poker sites, you may need to see how smoothly they run their site. If a website runs smoothly, with hardly any issues to be heard of, then customer service may not be as important. However, if you are a person that prefers to talk to a person about any issue you have, then customer service may be something important to look for.