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Dec 2013

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Poker still is a world famous card game that was mainly played face to face in certain locations, like casinos and event centers for the big tournaments. These large tournaments are still around to this day, and are stronger than ever. The two main tournaments in the US are:

However, all of that changed with the internet, making it possible for anyone and everyone from around the world to enjoy this great card game, directly from the comfort of their home. You can read up on everything there is about the different aspects of online poker, like the history and legality, here Online Poker.

We like to focus mainly on the benefits of playing online poker, and the advantages it has to offer you. There are plenty of different reasons to start playing poker online like, plenty of tournaments, free poker, wide range of variants and options, and big bonuses.



The main source of income that most professional and amateur poker players receive is through tournaments. These tournaments are obviously full of good players that are risking their entry fee in order to get the large cash prize, as well as recognition for being the best. There are plenty of websites that offer these types of large tournaments, so be sure to check them all out.

Many of these websites have daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments that are always going on, which allows almost anyone that wants to participate the option to do so.


You can gain plenty of experience by playing in tournaments, so if you are able to, play in one and you won’t be disappointed.


Free Poker

One of the main reasons poker is becoming more and more popular is thanks to the free poker sites and options. There are many different advantages that playing free poker online has, including:

  1. No strain on your wallet. You can play with fake money and still have a very entertaining time playing this game of luck and skill. This also removes the stress of losing any money you may have.
  2. Great practice and experience. You may think that practicing poker is no good, as the outcomes are always changing and different, which is true. However, being able to adapt and test out theories and hands is a great way to get experience, which is what most great poker pros have tons of.
  3. Play for fun. There are times where you simply want to play wild, and using free poker allows you to vent anything you have pent up. You can go all in with a 2-7 off-suit, and look at the outcome.

You can find several great free poker sites online, including these:

There are many other benefits, but we will leave that up to you to decide what you get out of playing free poker.


Variants and Options

There is plenty to choose from when playing poker online. There are all sorts of poker variants you can choose from, whether your preference is Draw poker, Stud poker, or Community poker like Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. You will be able to pick from among over 10 different variants, which have different betting options as well. You will be able to select the specific table you want to sit at based on different aspects:

  • Variant. The type of poker you want to play is the first step to picking a table.
  • Betting range. Depending on your bankroll, you can pick tables with $1/$2 or $100/$200 SB and BB.
  • Play type. You can pick from limit and no-limit tables, depending on how much you want to risk.


All in all, there are so many different poker tables that you will never be left sitting out of a game.


Big Bonuses

Many of the poker sites and casinos that offer poker all have great incentives for new and loyal members. These bonuses can include the Welcome Bonus, which is usually a very generous first deposit bonus where they match a certain percent of your first deposit.

Poker Bonuses

There are other bonuses like cash back bonuses or VIP rewards, where you get cash back depending on the amount you have bet during a week or month. Basically, they will give you several different incentives that give you free money to play with.

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