Online Poker

Online PokerPoker, just like everything else in the past, there were only a few ways that you could play; in your house or at a casino. However, thanks to the amazing internet, this has totally changed. Online poker is now available for just about everyone; those with an internet connection and a desire to win. Doors have flung open, as poker players can now access this amazing card game from anywhere, as well as play against anyone from around the globe. This has given regular Joe the chance to play against pro’s without having to leave his house, as well as the opportunity to win their way to big time tournaments like the WSOP.

There are many different ways to play online poker:

  • Independent poker sites. This would include sites like FullTiltPoker and PokerStars, as they offer their great poker services, program, and interface. Not to mention they also sponsor many poker pro’s, so you may actually run into them while playing.
  • Online casinos. You can find many of the different poker variants, most of which are found at actual brick and mortar casinos; like video poker.
  • Free poker. There are many sites, especially this one, that offer a great way to practice and play poker, without running the risk of losing real money.
  • Extras. Facebook and other social media sites that allow you to play a version of poker through their site would fall under this category, as they do not specifically cater to poker players.

Take a chance and look around to see if you can find the right online poker site that you want to play at, and if you ever need to practice, don’t forget about!

Advantages of Online Poker

Since poker was invented, players would always gather in one of several different places, including casinos, houses, river boats, and any other location that could fit people. This has changed ever since the internet came around. You can now sit at home and play poker with anyone from across the world. This itself is one extremely large advantage, but there are other advantages of online poker, such as:


The internet works 24 hours a day, and there will always be people awake and playing poker. This makes it very easy to find poker games to play whenever you want.

Game Selection

There are countless options to pick from, as every type of poker game you can play are all available, so not only will you always find people to play against, but you can select whichever poker variant you want as well.

Table Quantity

When you play online, you can actually have multiple windows open as you play at more than one table at a time; some poker sites allow you to play at up to 14 tables at a time.

Hand and Round Speed

Hands and poker rounds take less time, since most poker sites and casinos have a time limit, where players have to make a decision before the time runs out or they fold. This allows the game to move faster, so you can play more rounds in less time, maximizing your profits.

Lower Rake

A rake is when a casino takes a percent of the total wagered each round. As a physical casino has higher costs, this is usually a higher percent. Online casinos and poker sites keep costs low, making the rake much lower; this gives players more of the pot each round.

No Tells

You don’t have to worry about getting excited you have gotten pocket aces, as the other players won’t be able to see your face. This is quite helpful for those beginners that are still learning, and a huge advantage for the pros that frequent poker rooms.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Whether you are playing through a casino or poker site, you will always have the added advantage of getting bonuses, like deposit bonuses that give you free money each time you deposit. There are also loyalty and VIP programs, where you can get comp points and redeem those for cash and other items.

Be careful though, if you are not good at multi-tasking don’t try to play at more than one or two tables at a time. There will always be great advantages to playing online poker, but don’t miss out of the opportunity to play in a real, live tournament like the WSOP or WPT, as both experiences are amazing to have!