UPDATE: Team Italy Wins Poker World Cup


Mar 2015

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Poker World Cup Winners

The Word Cup of Poker has come to an end, after a long weekend of some great match-ups between the best each qualifying country had to offer. This year, for the first time since it began, Team Italy has taken the trophy. Their team: Mustapha Kanit, Rocco Palumbo, Dario Sammartino, Andrea Dato, and Giuliano Bendinelli, proved to be amazing players.

After knocking out Team USA in the semi-finals, Team Italy would now face Team Russia; Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Vitaly Lunkin, Anatoly Filatov, Alex Bilokur, and Ivan Soshnikov. They were chip leaders, with 404,900 against Team Russia’s 148,100. Team Italy managed to win all three heads-up matches, which is what led them to their ultimate victory.

The current standings of teams that participated in the Poker World Cup is:

Place Country
1 Team Italy
2 Team Russia
3 Team USA
4 Team Germany
5 Team Canada
6 Team Ukraine
7 Team France
8 Team UK

Hopefully next year we can see the same level, not only with Team Italy, but the other countries as well. I was disappointed that Team UK got knocked out so early, but they just were not up to standards.

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