Global Poker Index 300 Top Rankings


Jul 2015

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Global Poker Index

The Global Poker Index (GPI) releases weekly updates on which are the top tournament players from around the world. The way they do this is by using a formula that takes into account the player’s results from six half-year periods. This is a great tool to see who are the most dangerous players that you could encounter when playing in a tournament.

Jason Mercier, from Florida, has stood out as being the top GPI player for two weeks straight, and he looks like he will keep that spot for another week or more. He has been quite successful throughout his career, as he has taken in a total of $15,226,974, where he has won $1,911,355 from online play.

The Top 10 GPI Ranked Players are:

Rank Player Score
#1 Jason Mercier 4,020.74 pts
#2 Scott Seiver 3,928.27 pts
#3 Anthony Zinno 3,896.52 pts
#4 Dan Smith 3,818.38 pts
#5 Stephen Chidwick 3,748.13 pts
#6 Davidi Kitai 3,615.34 pts
#7 Bryn Kenney 3,575.85 pts
#8 Byron Kaverman 3,568.68 pts
#9 Paul Volpe 3,522.01 pts
#10 Dario Sammartino 3,513.19 pts

Mercier isn’t that far ahead of the other players, so he will need to keep winning to keep his top spot. Another great player this year, who is number one Player of the Year, Anthony Zinno, as well as number three on the GPI. A lot of great poker players this year, and we should see a lot more of them in the months to come.