2015 World Poker Tour Choctaw Final Table, Darren Elias Favored To Win


Aug 2015

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World Poker Tour

We have arrived to the 2015 World Poker Tour Choctaw final table, where the final six players will go heads up to win the much desired WPT title, and the $682,975 in cash for the first place winner. Darren Elias, a well-known name at the tournament, is favored to win as he aims to get his third WPT title win.

The final six players, chip counts, and seating arrangements are:

Seat Player Chip Count
1 Alex Lynskey 5,925,000
2 Andy Hwang 10,935,000
3 Darren Elias 8,130,000
4 Jason Brin 2,390,000
5 Mina Greco 2,220,000
6 Jack Schindler 5,675,000

There is plenty of prize money to go around, as the buy-in was $3,700, and there were 1,175 entrants in total; making it a $2 million prize pool. The breakdown of what each place will win is:

  • First place: $682,975
  • Second place: $468,105
  • Third place: $303,593
  • Fourth place: $224,913
  • Fifth place: $167,691
  • Sixth place: $135,504

So at the minimum, any player at the final table will make at least 37 times more than what they bought in for, which is not such a bad deal. On top of that, any player name sitting at the final table will already have some fame thrown their way, as the whole world is watching.