World Poker Tour Enterprises Sells For $35 Million


Jun 2015

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World Poker Tour

It is a big day for players around the world, especially those in China, or at least, those that use OurGame International Holdings services. It seems that the World Poker Tour Enterprises has been sold to the China based company, OurGame, for a total of $35 million. This could mean a huge expansion of the WPT and its services around the globe.

OurGame is worth around $707 million, which is more than enough to have paid cash for the WPT, and still have enough left over to help the company expand its already popular services, including online and live tournaments around the world. It is said that OurGame already has an amazing infrastructure for playing online, as they offer card and board games on the internet, and on mobile devices.

It is a good thing that the Chinese company does not wish to dampen the brand, but rather “continue to expand its already impressive global presence, bringing poker and gaming entertainment to cities and homes around the world.”

With their 500 million users already, and with the other international players including those in the US, Canada, and UK, it looks like OurGame will be able to bring poker to the homes of millions, maybe even billions, and that does not include the regular live tournaments that they will continue to host around the globe.