Wisconsin Judge Rules Poker Still Illegal


Aug 2015

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Wisonsin Poker

Poker, although becoming more popular by the day, there are still many states in the US that have deemed it as illegal unless played in sanctioned casinos. In the state of Wisconsin, there was a group of players the decided to try and get the outdated law changed, as they went to a judge to challenge the legal status.

However, Judge Richard Niess ruled against them, as he mentioned an old 1964 case where the state initially made and enforced the illegality of the card game. Following this law, the judge had no choice but to rule against them.

You can find people playing poker regardless of the law in Wisonsin, as it is rarely enforced, but the threat is still there. Many contend that it is a game of skill, rather than just pure luck, and the only legal recourse was to go play at the Indian casinos.

Even though the ruling didn’t go as planned, the players are still quite motivated to get the law changed. It looks like an appeal might be in the works with the Wisonsin Supreme Court. Hopefully we can start seeing the laws surrounding poker change, even if it is one state at a time.