Time For California To Decide On Online Poker Legislation


Feb 2015

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California online poker

There has been a big debate for the past 6 years in California, and it is that time of the year again where a decision must be made on the legislation regarding the authorization and regulation of online poker. This debate has gone long enough, and has left millions of players waiting for an answer.

With the window closing for legislation to take place, California has four internet poker bills currently introduced: Assembly Bill 9, AB 167, AB 431, and Senate Bill 278. These bills are the first ones, but are certainly not the last.

The wealthy casino owner Sheldon Adelson has been a firm opposer to the idea that States can and should regulate online poker. Due to his actions, it may jeopardize the future of not only California poker players, but the rest of the United States as well. Seeing as how there are over 15 million Americans that play real-money online poker, where millions are in California.

There are several obvious advantages for California, as well as for the players if these bills pass:

  • Taxes: just like anything that a State can regulate, it means additional taxes that can be used for other programs that need the funding.
  • Safety: for the players and residents of California. Seeing as how most players in the US play on unregulated, foreign poker sites, there is no real guarantees.
  • Happiness: this will allow less crackdowns by police, as well as having a happier player population being able to play online poker locally.

All in all, we hope California Legislation comes to its senses and votes for the regulation of online poker.