New Strategy Helps 888Poker With Live Poker


Jul 2015

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888Poker tournaments

At the beginning of the year, the popular brand 888Poker decided to switch strategies in terms of how they handled live poker tournaments and games. It has been six months since they implemented their new strategy and they say that it is working like a charm, bringing in many players who would have otherwise not participated.

The brand used to partake in 3rd party live tournaments like WSOP, Battle of Malta, and the SuperStack, as they did not have any personnel to handle their own tournaments, as their main focus was online. Their strategy has begun the 888Live, which creates, sponsors, and manages live tournaments in different countries.

Events operations manager for 888Live, Mouhcine Jalili, states that back in January they were hoping to reach $1 million in prizes with 20 events, but currently they are reach $1.2-$1.3 million with only 10 events. This is huge, as they offer their broad online players the chance to play and participate in low buy-in tournaments.

This has enabled 888poker to promote their online poker rooms using the power of live tournaments, which they have invested heavily in. It is a win-win for the company, as well as the many players that use their services.