Mega Poker Series Dublin Main Event Dissapointing Turnout


Sep 2015

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Trying to piggy-back off of the recent success of the MPN Poker Tour Dublin Main Event, where Daniel Tighe won €53,845, even organizers were hoping that the (MPS) Main Event would have the same or even bigger turnout than the previous tournament. However, it seems that something completely unexpected occured, as the number of registered participants on Day 1A was way below predicted turnout, with only a total of 7 players signing up and playing on the first day.

Organizers hd claimed that the prize pool would eventually get up to €250,000, but it seems players were not as excited about that number as they thought. With the tournament being planned to have eight levels, it had to obviously get cut short with that amount of players, especially after 5 of the 7 players got knocked out on that first day. The seven players that signed up and played on Day 1A were:

  • David O’Kelly
  • Fintan Gavin
  • Manuel Garcia
  • Rui Dias
  • Daniel Chutrov
  • David Lappin
  • Ivan Tononi

The two players that remain in the tournament after Day 1A were David O’Kelly and Fintan Gavin, with the rest getting taken out throughout the day; these two players will still continue on to Day 2 despite the current low numbers of participants. The event organizers are hoping that more people sign up on Day 1B, where they have also opened the option to buy back in, so at least the five players that got knocked out early on have a chance to get back into the action.

Despite not being very good at predicting the turnout, they still hold out hope that a total of 90 players sign up and play on Day 1B, with at least 57 online qualifiers and 15 live qualifiers can make it through the day, which started at 4:00 pm. Even though the Mega Poker Series (MPS) Main Event in Dublin didn’t get the expected turnout, we are still hoping that the quality overshadows the quantity.