Mario Lopez Wins Second Latin American Poker Tour Title


Sep 2015

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Mario Lopez Second Latin Poker Tour Win

The Latin American Poker Tour, being hosted this year in Punta Del Este, gave way to a great moment for pro player Mario Lopez, as he was able to win his second LAPT title. From among 267 entries, Lopez was able to reach the final table of the 2015 LAPT Punta del Este $3,300 Main Event, where he beat fellow Argentinian Hilario Quijada for the title.

With a total prize pool of $776,970, Lopez walked away with the title and $155,730 in winnings. The final table of the main event ended like this:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Mario Lopez Argentina $155,730
2 Hilario Quijada Argentina $103,580
3 German Christiansen Argentina $75,760
4 Chadi Moustapha Lebanon $61,140
5 Ariel Eghi Argentina $47,940
6 Patricio Rojas Chile $36,280
7 Jorge Alberto Cantos Argentina $26,660
8 Ruben Barros Argentina $19,580

Lopez is quickly becoming a big name to recognize among live tournament players, as he has been having a great year so far. He has banked $1,139,736 in 2015, and has won the majority ($1,294,662) of his career live tournament earnings ($1,637,035) from March 2014 and on. His first LAPT win came during the 2014 LAPT Chile $1,700 Main Event, where he took home $117,991. As for his most recent victory, it was a great hand to watch.

Lopez had pocket Jacks against Quijada’s pocket 6’s. The dealer flopped a 6-5-2, giving Quijada the obvious lead, and things didn’t look much better when a 4 showed on the turn. However, on the river a Jack of diamonds was dealt, giving Lopez an immense feeling of relief and joy, as he had just won his second LAPT title. Quijada simply sat there quietly as Lopez screamed and jumped in the air. This is exactly what everyone should expect from live poker tournaments.