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north strip pokerWe have broken down the Las Vegas Strip into three sections, along with Downtown, to be part of the poker guide. The casinos that are on the North Las Vegas Strip include the Stratosphere, Treasure Island, Venetian, and the Wynn.

The best locations to play poker on this side of the Vegas Strip would have to be the Venetian. They have 8 daily tournaments with a wide range of different variants. On top of it all, they have 59 available tables where they offer five cash games that can be played at any time throughout the day, and has a relatively low buy-in of $40.

Venetian has only 9 video poker machines, one of the lowest on the Las Vegas Strip. However, they have one of the highest amount of available tables, which allows players to participate in live games against others.

Northern Poker Guide


# of Available Tables

# of Games Offered

Daily Poker Tournaments

# of Video Poker Machines

Arizona Charlie’s 3 2 None 100
Cannery 3 2 1 21
Poker Palace 7 1 1 12
Stratosphere 12 2 4 4
Treasure Island 7 2 4 53
Venetian 59 5 8 9
Wynn 25 1 4 104

Wynn and Stratosphere have a decent amount of poker tables, where players can pick between 2 and 5 different cash games to play. The Wynn does have a minimum buy-in of $100 for their tables, but has 104 machines with a wide range of prices. Whereas Stratosphere has a minimum buy-in that starts at $20 and only 4 machines.

Treasure Island may be a great casino for other games, but only has 7 poker tables available. It does have 53 machines players can use to play.

Players can take their pick between sitting at a table or playing at the machines between the North Strip casinos.

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